Kind words from clients

I’m so incredibly blessed and grateful to be able to share some very kind words from valued clients over the years. For me, this work is about so much more than just lovely designs… it’s about building and maintaining heartfelt releationships and helping others soar! đź’•

We all know how important covers are. They are the first step to draw a potential reader’s attention to a book.

Even though I had a pretty good cover for my book Lillian, I wanted something more exciting, more emotional. Lucky for me, Vanessa Ooms understood my briefing very quickly and delivered a few ideas which were all pretty good, and included one which created that instant WOW excitement I was looking for.

Needless to say, this book climbed up the Amazon ranking faster than I thought possible and hit the coveted Amazon Bestseller no 1 ranking about 2 months after launch.

Since then, Vanessa has been busy redesigning my older covers, coming up with one brilliant design after another. I feel very blessed that I can work with her, on the covers, as well as other publishing projects, and look forward to many more bestselling books, created with her help.

Helga Zeiner

Bestselling Author

Vanessa has a unique ability to hold a sacred space for her clients to dream into reality the vision of their unique contribution to the world. She then is able to capture the essence of that gift in the design of her client’s website, creating a masterpiece of clear, current website design infused with the imagery and energy of her client’s unique contribution to the world.

Vanessa created my website: She carefully listened to the intent behind my healing work and created a logo and a website that reflects the sacredness and beauty of my soul work on the planet. I highly recommend her. 5 stars.

Cori Nielsen

Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Birth & Rebirth

Vanessa far exceeded my expectations with her creativity, vision, professionalism and responsiveness. She is accommodating and has a magnificent eye for detail. I highly recommend working with Vanessa.

Steven Ratcliffe

Psych-K Facilitator

Vanessa helped me design new art for a business card I already had – which is harder than starting with a clean slate quite often. She gave me some good starting ideas from what I had described, and since I’m visual, once I saw her ideas something else popped in to my head. She took my really lousy sketch and transformed it into something way cooler than I had envisioned — using an element I had in my mind but hadn’t connected to being a part of the logo art!

She is very patient and open and worked hard to bring my ideas to life, using her talent and skills to make it even nicer than I had envisioned. It was a very easy and enjoyable process.

When I thought we were done, I saw some art that made me want to create a patterned background (instead of the easy option – white!). The first try wasn’t quite what I wanted and she didn’t bat an eyelash, she listened to my feedback and the second try was perfect.

My card came out so much nicer than I had ever envisioned and I’m really proud of it now and will enjoy giving them out. I would highly recommend using her, whether you have no idea what you want or a vision you need help with improving and bringing to life.

Elizabeth Heyenga

I am so happy with my In Harmony logo!! Vanessa really listened to my story and captured a perfect concept in the first conversation! She is so creative, professional, caring and really understood what I wanted to accomplish. Thank you so much for working with me Vanessa, it was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end!

Jenny WO

Owner/Operator, In Harmony - Life Empowerment Programs

I recently hired Vanessa to create a logo for my Equine Assisted Learning business and she did a wonderful job.

This was my first adventure in creating and designing something from a vision I had stuck in my head. I was very particular in what I wanted my logo to represent and what I had envisioned in my head. Vanessa worked with me and was extremely patient until that exact vision was on paper. She was supportive of my ideas and very easy to contact to get things done!

Would highly recommend her for anyone just getting starting and not sure where to go next. Vanessa will help steer you in the right direction!

Roxy Collinson

Owner/Operator, REAL Equine

Vanessa Ooms is so delightful to work with, intuitively intelligent and tech savvy that she is able to make things happen easily and effortlessly. Love her! Vanessa, you are not allowed to retire! LOL.

Natasha Rosewood

Bestselling Author, Psychic Medium, Energy Dynamics Ltd.

Vanessa Ooms has been a great asset for the promotion of our business. We have been very impressed with her ideas for web page design, creating a site that is both appealing and pleasant to view. She is very skilled at editing our own images so they fit the theme of the web site and stand out well.

There wasn’t anything Vanessa couldn’t do for us, from embedding videos to designing forms with various currencies.

Vanessa continues to offer us tech support and problem solving, including coaching so we can manage a lot of the site on our own. This coaching includes her making instructional videos for us to work, which is such a great asset.

Since Vanessa created one site for our business, we have used her to recreate an old site for another arm of the business to make it fresh and new. I highly recommend Vanessa!

Marion "Mugs" McConnell

Co-Founder - South Okanagan Yoga Academy

We are so pleased with Vanessa’s reworking of our logo! We weren’t really sure what we wanted or how we could adapt it without completely changing the look, but changing it enough to be unique! She did an amazing job of working with us through our adaptations and worked in a professional and beautiful recreation of our logo! We would highly recommend Vanessa for any of your design work as she is creative, professional and time efficient! Thank you so much! Kari and Carolyn – Equine Connection

Kari Fulmek

Co-Founder, Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc.

I have been waiting for the opportunity to work with Vanessa for years and finally I did. I am am incredibly happy with the outcome! Vanessa took my ideas and vision and transformed them into exactly what I had in mind. I couldn’t imagine recommending anyone else for graphics and branding. Best choice ever!

Stephanie Banks

Owner/Operator, Solano Landscapes Ltd.

Vanessa was amazing to work with. She listened to what we wanted, created it and we couldn’t be happier.

Michelle Michaud Turley

Co-Founder, Turley Electrical

I recently hired Vanessa to design a logo for my new business. I cannot even begin to express the quality of my experience! She and her work were absolutely amazing – beyond compare!

Vanessa really took the time to get to know and understand my business in order to design a logo that was totally unique and identifiable. She took all of my ideas into consideration and designed something that was beyond all my wildest expectations.

Vanessa really heard what I wanted (which is something that I find is missing with other companies/designers and designed something that blew my mind. She was wonderful to deal with, prompt and incredibly professional.

I will be using her for all my graphic design needs in the future and recommending her to everyone I know.

Kristen Dobbs

Owner/Operator, Innovative Equine - EAL Programs

Amazing!!!! She did two different logos for two different companies. So dead on to what I asked for. I feel like i can move forward this year on a great note. Thank you!!!

Claire White Holder

Owner/Operator, Enumclaw Cleaning

I’ve used Vanessa for my client’s logo and print materials. She’s an absolute rockstar. Knows how to incorporate branding with her skills to provide a positive experience. She even designed my company’s logo for Propel Media.

Paul Bonenfant

Owner/Operator, Propel Media

Vanessa just helped me create a small flyer for me to hand out at markets! She did such an amazing job, it is well beyond what my expectations were!! I will be proud to promote my business with my new tools!!

You definitely won’t be disappointed in her creativity…. and her spunky personality is just an added bonus!!

Wendy Welch

Owner/Operator, Nature's Offering Handmade Jewelry & Gifts

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